You can manage chronic constipation in kids!
You can manage chronic constipation in kids!
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  • Diagnosing constipation is about so much more than how many BMs a person has in a week. For the definition of functional Constipation from the Rome Foundation, click here. And click here for my Secret Signs of Constipation
  • For some of the other signs that your child might be constipated from our friends at, click here.
  • Many parents have concerns about the safety of MiraLax. Nationwide Children's Hospital did a large study on the toxicity of MiraLax in kids, and found the concerns to be unvalidated. You can read the results of the study here.
  • Click here for the Seattle Children's Hospital clinical protocol for functional constipation. Their treatment recommendations begin on page 8, and are the basis for the recommendations provided in The Constipation Game Plan.  
  • If a traditional MiraLax plus Senna clean-out didn't work for your child, research shows that a daily enema regime is effective at dislodging old stool from the rectum. Click here for all the resources you'll ever need about the Modified O'Regan enema protocol.
  • The Poo in You is a great video to explain to kids (and parents) how their fecal incontinence is caused by constipation. 
  • Squatty Potty, which makes plastic stools for supporting the feet and elevating the knees on the toilet, produced this fantastic, hilarious video about why it's easier to poop when squatting. It's a little gross, but worth watching if you need a laugh.