You can manage chronic constipation in kids!
You can manage chronic constipation in kids!
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Christine Stephenson’s book is truly a gift.  She has compiled a wealth of practical information to deal with this issue people don't like to discuss. Without her, my child would still be having multiple accidents weekly. Thanks to Christine, my child can live without constant embarrassment. He has a much better plan for school success. If you or someone you know is struggling with constipation, check this book out. You will be so happy you did!!

  • Lynn Arnold, teacher and parent

This book was excellent. As both a practitioner and a guardian of someone who struggles with bowel/bladder trouble, I felt this book met both the needs of parents/caregivers and practitioners via sharing in formation that was clear and understandable! I definitely plan on sharing this book!

  • Emily Bourque, OTR/L

As a pediatrician, I have seen so many families who struggle to break the cycle of constipation; we often see temporary improvement but then kids come back a month or two later with the same complaint. Constipation Coach gives parents the practical tools they need to break this cycle in their child. Stephenson's extensive work in this area has produced meaningful insights that are helpful to patients and providers alike. I highly recommend it! 

  • Jennifer Hasvold, MD

Christine’s expertise helped me understand that my son’s frequent accidents at 4 years old were really due to chronic constipation.  She remotely guided me through her game plan which involved starting at the basics.  My son used to have a bowel movement every 4-5 days, and now he goes every morning after breakfast like clockwork.  We’ve noticed improvement with his ability to stay dry, his ability to hold his bladder when needed, and his overall mood and behavior.  It’s like parenting a different child.  Without her, I wouldn’t have known where to start and all the steps that followed which have led to the success we’re experiencing today.

  • Megan Trifilo, OTR/L, parent