You can manage chronic constipation in kids!
You can manage chronic constipation in kids!
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So many professionals interact with kids with chronic constipation and other incontinence issues. I can help you and your colleagues know better to do better!

"One of the most useful courses I have taken in a while! Explained the material
very well and made it very accessible to therapists who do not specialize in pelvic floor PT." --- Two-hour PT/OT course attendee

"This course contained way more wonderful information than I could have anticipated. (It was) extremely informative and helpful. Thank you!"  --- School nurse training attendee

This is an extremely useful course for therapists, parents, or even medical practitioners. Christine is a fun and very knowledgeable instructor! I learned so much, and went away with ideas that I could use the very next day. I highly recommend!” --- Pediatric OT/PT course attendee

"Of the 9 different sessions I went to, yours was head and shoulders above the rest. You did an excellent job of presenting information in a manner that was accessible and easy to implement." --- APTA Combined Sections Meeting course attendee

Contact me to set up an in-person or virtual training session. Trainings can be customized for any group, including: 

  • School nurses
  • Social Workers
  • School or outpatient pediatric PTs and OTs
  • Parent groups 
  • Teachers

Send an email to and we can start our collaboration.